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Stewart Truelsen in 5 Questions

How would you describe yourself? I like to think of myself as a versatile, creative independent writer and video producer. The creative part is especially important to my video work because no one has time to watch boring corporate videos any more. The script and the video content have to be interesting and very relevant to an audience. I have experience in radio, television, print and web content.

What is your specialty? I write mostly about food and agriculture and related public policy issues. I also like anything of a historical nature. I have a journalism degree and news background, so I like to think I can write about anything, but I have kind of fallen into a niche with agriculture, the environment and economy. I also produce videos for conventions and websites. In the past, I produced short documentaries including one that won a gold award from an international film festival.

What line of advice would you give a client working with a writer?
 Try to limit the number of layers of approval. I wrote textbook material for a client who moved the goal posts as we went along and had to get approval of my drafts from industry experts and a panel of teachers. Needless to say not everyone was on the same page with what they wanted.

I like being a writer because it fits well with my addiction to coffee and love of libraries and reading.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? The best advice I ever got about writing was based on observation. For six years, I worked for ABC Radio and was Paul Harvey’s news editor. Harvey had the largest national radio audience, and I marveled at his writing. He wrote sparingly and his style and delivery made a big impact on listeners. I learned to be a lot more concise.

What do you like most about what you do? 
What I like most is when a client is really happy with what I produce and gets a lot of positive feedback. I like being a writer because it fits well with my addiction to coffee and love of libraries and reading. I also like being part of a team. Oftentimes I work with a photographer, sound man and video editor. I’d like to collaborate with others in IWOC as well.

- Stewart Truelsen

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Stewart Truelsen 

Stewart Truelsen is an award-winning writer, producer and author with  broad experience in news and public relations. His versatility, creative ideas, journalistic skill and experience with a national membership organization and network news operation are the foundation of Truelsen Media Services.

Stewart has a degree in journalism from the University of Iowa and entered the news business while  in college as a correspondent for a CBS-TV affiliate.

​He subsequently was a radio news anchor, reporter and writer/editor for radio stations and network radio. Among his assignments was news editor for Paul Harvey News and Comment, the highest-rated radio program in America at the time.

An interest in agriculture led him to a public relations position with the American Farm Bureau Federation, the nation's leading general farm organization.

Stewart produced documentaries and news features for reports and commentary for radio...meeting and convention videos for internal use. He also traveled extensively on international trade missions.

​He is the recipient of top awards from the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA), the New York Film Festival, Aurora Awards and the Council on International Nontheatrical Events (CINE).

Member of Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC),  the largest organization of professional freelance writers in the Midwest.