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Forward Farm Bureau


"The American Farm Bureau Federation was the first to popularize grassroots lobbying. Its first lobbyist was a man named Gray Silver..."   More

“I always knew you were a writer’s writer, but the historical depth and clarity of this book is truly marvelous.”
- C. Booth Wallentine, Retired Administrator of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation.

The Buzz About Urban Farms

September 13, 2016
By Stewart Truelsen 

If the buzz about urban farms can be believed, they are growing significantly even as rural farms and ranches decline in number......More

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Ethanol and the Volatile Oil Market

February 03, 2016

By Stewart Truelsen 

The renewable fuels industry and Big Oil don’t share the same vision for the future of motor fuel. One sees a lower-carbon future and the other doesn’t, but both are affected by the slump in commodity prices. The price of ethanol generally tracks with the price of gasoline and the barrel price of crude oil. The steep slide in oil prices........... More

Terrorism a Real Threat to U.S. Agriculture

March 16, 2016

By Stewart Truelsen 

There are some things you should not read at bedtime. One of them is The Worldwide Threat Assessment by the U.S. Intelligence Community.....More

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